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Money collected this month will provide aid to the Barnabas Christmas appeal to support children of faith in the midst of disaster and persecution.
You can learn more, watch the video and send your gift direct to them here.

Send a Card to   IRAN

Ebrahim Firouzi

Ebrahim Firouzi (32) has been in prison in Iran since March 2013 and is not due for release until January 2020.
On July 29, 2018, political prisoners and Ebrahim Firouzi suffered severe injuries when attacked by fellow prisoners with iron bars and bricks at the prison yard of Rajaei Shahr Prison in Karaj.
Ebrahim is now struggling with toothache which has spread throughout his jaw and face.
He has no access to a dentist.
Ebraham Firouzi's mother has cancer.
She has been unable to visit her imprisoned child for at least one year.
Read more and learn how to send cards of encouragement here.

Sign and send to   UK

2018 WWL

Tell your MP about the impact of religious persecution by inviting them to the Open Doors 2019 World Watch List Launch.
Remember to include your name and address in the letter.
You can find the name and address of your MP here.
A sample letter can be found here.



Last month we sent £ 380.00 to Open Doors to provide aid to earthquake victims in Indonesia.
And last month we also sent £ 350.00 with a matched gift to support Ajmad's brothers who lost so much in cyclone Titli in Orissa, India.
And about 16 Link to Hope Shoeboxes were given from Bethel/PPSC, Plus a £ 50 gift.

If you missed the meeting and need any addresses, information

If you missed the meeting or would like a DVD of the presentation given, or need any addresses, information etc. write to P.P.S.C., Beth Hesed, 22 Meyrick Street, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6UT, ’phone 01646 681805 or e-mail us at



Leah Sharibu.

In October Boko Haram killed a Muslim aid worker, Hauwa Leman and announced that it would keep kidnapped school girl Leah Sharibu and a Christian nurse, Alice Ngaddah, as "slaves for life".

Leah Sharibu.



Pakistan's Supreme Court met Monday 8th October and on 31st October 2018, the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted her.
On 2 November 2018 however, the Government of Pakistan signed an agreement with the Tehreek-e-Labbaik political party (TLP), which was leading the protests against the verdict; this agreement barred Asia Bibi from leaving the country.
On 7th November 2018, Asia Bibi was released from the Jail for Women in Multan and flown to Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, where she is being held under heavy security.
She will not be allowed to leave Pakistan until the verdict has been reviewed, a process that can take years.
Meanwhile it is reported that Muslim extremists were going house to house in the neighbourhood where Asia's family lived, trying to find and kill them.

    If your brother was unfairly imprisoned, what would you want people to do about it? Watch this video, 'Release David', for some answers. It's under two minutes long, and makes an ideal introduction to the issue of Christian persecution.


Kiva logo

Consider joining Kiva.
Just send an email to for more information.

More things to do.

PPSC flyer

Download the PPSC brochure here.

Connect and Encourage

Download the Autumn/Winter 2018 edition of Connect & Encourage here
or you can also call the CSW office on 0845 456 5464 to request a paper copy.

North Korean Bakery

Hesed has become a bakery sponsor, sending £26.50 a month to keep the bakery in North Korea running.
If you or your church would like to become sponsors, ask us to find out how!

Download the Foreign & Commonwealth Office London Diplomatic List, here.

Visit and write to a prisoner in his or her own language.

  If you would like to join a Pembrokeshire Prayer for the Suffering Church alert circle and be informed of occasional situations needing prayer or action between meetings, please send us your e-mail address.

Next meeting
Bethel Baptist Church
Pembroke Dock
SA72   6AU
Tuesday 29th January 2019    7.30pm

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